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Data Modernization


Bridgeworks has been working with data solutions for over 20 years. As technologies have advanced, our resources have embraced and accepted new technology solutions and approaches to address modern business needs.

At its core, modern data solutions leverage a host of data best-practices…

While many organizations focus on leading companies in a direction that focuses only on the new technologies involved in the modern data platform, Bridgeworks  first ensures tools and modern technology approaches align with our client business needs. Once Bridgeworks fully understands the key business drivers and pain points of an organization, they can partner to align the key modern data tools and platforms that best solve their most critical business needs.

At its core, modern data solutions leverage a host of data best-practices, such as cloud platforms, governance, security, data modeling and frameworks to maximize the usage of modern toolsets.  Bridgeworks is familiar with legacy approaches to data warehousing and reporting as well as the latest big data, artificial intelligence, streaming and machine learning tools and architectures.

Understand key business drivers and business pain points.
Partner to align key data tools and platforms.
Solve for the most critical needs of your business.

If you are looking to modernize your data solutions you may know exactly what technologies, solutions and resourcing you need or you might have a critical need and not know where to start. Wherever you land in this spectrum, Bridgeworks focuses on meeting you where you are and helping you achieve your goals from day one.