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The Modern HCM Platform: SyncHR is a single-source core human resources (HR), payroll and benefits solution with one data model to support the entire system. The cloud-based design allows SyncHR to provide a real-time solution across functional areas within the application.

SyncHR has redefined Human Capital Management (HCM) technology by developing a cloud-based, people-centric platform from the very beginning. This provides better accuracy, efficiency and flexibility than any other HCM provider. It also allows SyncHR to provide industry-leading customer care and faster implementation times.

Problem Statement

SynchHR had limited staff to focus on their data integration and analytics solutions of their product offering.  These solutions are highly desired by their clients, but not part of the core offering of the SyncHR product suite (Benefits, Human Resources and Payroll).

Common to most HCM products, customers typically want to integrate their pre-purchased recruiting, learning management systems (LMS), background check products, benefits providers, licensing and certifications tracking and validation systems,  reporting solutions, and other products to enable a more automated and full-featured internal solution.  While SyncHR had partners with pre-built integrations in many of these areas, they lacked the staff to fully support their existing integrations and build new integrations with new products when requested.

Our Contribution


Bridgeworks Consulting Group has a history of partnering with SaaS-based companies to provide additional support related to data integration and reporting and analytics.  SyncHR engaged Bridgeworks to have an ongoing partnership to augment their capabilities and ensure their customers had a reliable implementation partner to provide integrations and other data solutions to their clients.  In addition, SyncHR requested that Bridgeworks offer ongoing platform and support services to their clients to further enhance their technology experience with the platform.

The Approach:

Bridgeworks actively engaged with a number of SyncHR clients to ensure their data integrations and analytics needs were being met.  Bridgeworks offered services to key SyncHR clients in the following key areas:

  • Benefits Carriers Integration Implementation
  • Custom real-time integrations with third-party products such as recruiting, compensation management and learning management.
  • Reporting and Analytics consulting services to clients needing a more automated approach to producing reports.

The Solution:

As part of the Bridgeworks engagement of SyncHR, the team provided ongoing implementation and consulting services in the following areas:

Carrier Integrations: Bridgeworks provided resources to support SyncHR’s benefits carrier integration team in building weekly carrier data feeds necessary to support customer benefits eligibility, enrollment and healthcare savings/retirement contributions.  Bridgeworks was able to assist SyncHR in building hundreds of carrier feeds and work with most of the current client base over the course of a multi-year engagement.

Custom Real-Time Integrations: Bridgeworks provided customer integration experts to work directly with SyncHR customers to design, implement, test and deploy production real-time integrations that synced data between SyncHR and solutions for compensation management, learning management, recruiting and 401k providers.  By assisting in this area, Bridgeworks was able to provide an invaluable service to SyncHR customers while further engraining the user base in the core SyncHR product offering by automating their business processes.

Reporting and Analytics: Bridgeworks provided experienced reporting and analytics resources to help SyncHR support and enhance their solution offering over time.  Bridgeworks was able to help SyncHR quickly respond to an ever-changing performance, capabilities and customer demand for data within the SyncHR platform.

Hosting and Software Support: Often times SyncHR customers were unable or unwilling to provide an environment to run key integration components or host data solutions.  In these cases, Bridgeworks provides a fully supported cloud-based integration platform for customers to leverage in order to run key business integrations and reporting solutions necessary to augment SyncHR product capabilities.  This allows customers the ability to quickly spin up advanced technology solutions to further automate their business without requiring internal hardware, security or IT staff.


Bridgeworks offered SyncHR and their customers a full set of services around data integration, analytics and platform hosting that allowed SyncHR to remain competitive with their counterparts in the industry without creating a cost-center of services in these areas. In addition, Bridgeworks was able to provide a service that helped SyncHR customers take advantage of the advanced integration capabilities of the SyncHR platform further engraining them in a fully automated business solution SyncHR has become known for.

In addition to helping SyncHR, Bridgeworks was able to build long-lasting partnerships with customers and provide them with high-value consulting services and could-based platform hosting capabilities they would otherwise not have access to.

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