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Re-configuration and Data Integration | Rocky Mountain Institute

CASE STUDY | Re-configuration and Data Integration

Rocky Mountain Institute:

Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) ,located in Boulder, Colorado, engages businesses, communities, institutions, and entrepreneurs to accelerate the adoption of market-based solutions that cost-effectively shift from fossil fuels to efficiency and renewables.  By collaborating within the community RMI seeks to provide a lasting impact through bold innovation and unrivaled teamwork to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels in our daily lives.

Problem Statement:

RMI engaged Bridgeworks Consulting Group to work with them on a project to optimize their workforce management processes and technologies to support better career management of their employees.  RMI was struggling with a significant amount of manual effort to perform peer and management reviews of employees, apply the results into qualitative merit increases or well-deserved promotions.  This was straining their small Human Resources (HR) group and frustrating employees with long-turn around times on internal career review processes. Given having an “Unrivaled Team” to focus on their initiatives is a core value, RMI sought to optimize their processes and tools used within their review process to better server their employees. 

Our Contribution


Working with RMI was both a business process and technical challenge. RMI was leveraging an Human Capital Management (HCM) system that was not configured to align with RMI’s business process and there were key data integrations that were not currently available within the HCM system to communicate with the career performance and compensation management system RMI uses to track all performance reviews and merit increases for their employees. As a result, RMI was having to manually double-enter employee data, performance review results within the performance and compensation management system and then double enter the position, salary and bonus changes resulting from the review process back into the HCM system.

The Approach:

Bridgeworks partnered with RMI to understand their business process first, enabling our consultants to better understand how to apply not only new technology that was needed to integration the two systems, but also how to optimize the existing systems to better align with the people doing the work and the process being followed during the performance and compensation processes.

The Solution:

Bridgeworks consultants worked with RMI HR resources to re-configure their HCM compensation configuration to align with the way they were maintaining these pieces of information in their performance and compensation management system allowing both systems to have common data relationships.

Once each of the systems were aligned, Bridgeworks built a custom set of integrations that automatically exchange information between the HCM and Performance and Compensation Management system.

  • The first set of five integrations provided organization, person, position, salary and pay grade information from the HCM system to the Performance and Compensation Management system.
  • The second custom real-time integration automatically updates the HCM system with compensation and position changes resulting from the performance and compensation changes performed outside the HCM application.
  • Given RMI didn’t have hardware or internal technical support to host the integrations, Bridgeworks created a platform to house these solutions and continues to host and support these integrations ongoing for the RMI team.

As a result of the project, RMI was able to eliminate all data double entry efforts that were required prior to the systems re-configuration and data integration solutions creation. The solution eliminated hours of manual work required during each performance and compensation change periods, provided more reliable data in both system and improved employee satisfaction in the overall RMI review and compensation management process. HR professionals can now focus on better serving their employee base to create an unrivaled team environment that is core to how they approach their business.

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