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Case Study | Data Analytics

Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute:

With nearly 100 locations, Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute, LLC (FCS) offers world-class oncology & hematology as well as access to national clinical trials close to home.  FCS serves patients on the Gulf Coast from Naples to Tallahassee, Central Florida and on the East Coast from Palm Beach County to Jacksonville.

Florida Cancer Specialists has built a national reputation for excellence that is reflected in exceptional and compassionate patient care, driven by innovative clinical research and cutting-edge technologies that help advance targeted treatments and genetically-based immunotherapies, and embodied by our outstanding team of highly-trained and dedicated physicians, clinicians and staff.

Problem Statement

Bridgeworks performed a current state analysis of the FCS reporting solutions, HCM system data available and key business requirements and usage patterns of their HR data.  Based on the analysis performed, FCS did not have the technical staff to acquire the HCM data automatically and the HCM company did not yet have solutions in place to provide reporting data to their customers in a manner consistent with FCS requirements.

As a result, FCS was unable to engage in automating the data acquisition necessary to automate their reporting needs, which required manual exports of data from the HCM solution on a monthly basis to build reports at a point in time.

The current solution was causing business decisions to be made based on dated and incomplete data and a lack of visibility to into the status of employee certifications and licenses required to do their jobs.  FCS was a risk of being non-compliant with state laws that govern their healthcare business and were unable to properly plan headcount needs based on incomplete headcount.

Our Contribution


FCS needed assistance with integration and reporting technologies to enhance and support the FCS Human Resources reporting and analytics solutions.  Traditionally, FCS had created headcount, turnover and licensing/certification reporting manually by exporting data from their Human Capital Management (HCM) systems and using Excel to manipulate the data to provide key business reports necessary to run their business.  The manual efforts required a significant of time from FCS HR employees to produce and the process often yielded inaccurate or unrepeatable results.  Given these reports were used to make key hiring and funding decisions, it was imperative these reports were reliable and accurate.  FCS engaged BridgeWorks to work directly with their cloud-based SaaS HCM product company to build key data structures and integration components necessary to build an automated reporting and analytics solution.

The Approach:

Bridgeworks resources partnered with the HCM product company that maintained FCS HR, Benefits and Payroll solutions to discuss options for automated data integration and reporting leveraging their platform.  Bridgeworks met with the HCM company product group to design a solution that would provide automated data access to their environment and also ensure proper security was employed to guarantee sensitive data protections and audit requirements were met.  Subsequently the HCM company jointly invested with FCS and Bridgeworks to jointly build a solution to satisfy FCS’ key reporting requirements.

In parallel, Bridgeworks worked with FCS to better understand their current reporting needs and existing solutions as well as build out future state reporting wireframes that would be used as a basis of a new automated solution. These wireframes would then be leveraged to build automated business reports that would be hosted by FCS and delivered on a scheduled refresh frequency that provided the reports updated HR and licensing data up to 4 times per day.

The Solution:

Bridgeworks worked with the SaaS HCM company product team to build new Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) data structures that would support FCS reporting requirements, test new Row Level Security (RLS) solutions to ensure only FCS data was accessible in the new data structures and to configure an integration approach that allowed FCS to access the HCM data from a remote on-premise FCS server.  With this solution in place, FCS was able to quickly consume real-time HR, licensing and certification data using a reporting toolset of their choice.

In addition to the HCM solution, Bridgeworks leveraged reporting wireframes build in the planning phase of the project to implement Power BI dashboards and reports that would surface valuable Headcount, Turnover, Licensing and Certification data to HR Management and Administrators online via Power BI services.

Bridgeworks partnered with FCS technical resources to setup and configure a Power BI server and data gateway to enable automated refreshes from the HCM data structures and to deploy the new Power BI dashboards and reports. Once deployed the Power BI reports, centered around providing automated data refreshes multiple times per day, gave FCS the ability to see key business data for Headcount, Turnover, Licensing and Certification necessary to run their organization and ensure employee compliance with licensing requirements.


As a result of the project, FCS was able to fully automate their headcount, turnover, licensing and certifications reporting solutions with data updates being provided multiple times per day.  The following key business benefits were realized:

  • Data was up to date instead of extracted at a point in time and stale by the time a report was developed.
  • The reporting data was accurate and provided historical data access to their business information historically for up to 3 years.
  • The HR group no longer had to spend significant effort building reports and instead could focus on managing critical HR operations.
  • The HR group gained better visibility into the current state of medical staff licensing and certifications required to perform their job duties.  They were able to proactively follow up with employees that had lapsed certifications or licenses and remind employees that had upcoming expiration dates to keep their clinics in compliance with state laws and regulations.
  • HR Executives can better plan for hiring needs, track to a budget and provide the business with the appropriate level of resource support to provide quality care to their patients.
  • The HCM company now has a repeatable reporting data integration solution that can be leveraged with their other clients and package as part of their produce offering.

Overall, this project was a huge success for both the HCM company and FCS in providing them the solutions they need to enable their respective businesses.

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