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BridgeWorks Brings Home the Gold

BridgeWorks Brings Home the Gold

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we are better enabled to serve our clients as they migrate, consolidate, modernize and secure their applications and data analytics platforms in Azure.

– Michael Ellis, EVP Sales & Operations

Since 2018, BridgeWorks Consulting Group (BridgeWorks) has been modernizing applications and data platforms on Azure for our clients in the governmental, financial services, human resources, health care and retail sectors. This week, BridgeWorks announced that it has been recognized by Microsoft and received Gold Partner status, their highest competency level in Microsoft’s partner ecosystem.

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, BridgeWorks is amongst Microsoft’s most highly accredited IT solutions providers who demonstrates proven expertise in delivering quality services and solutions to customers and operates under a strict Microsoft Partner Code of Conduct.

Selecting the right partner to help you implement your data and analytics solutions in a secure manner while provide ongoing support and maintenance is a critical decision for any business. By selecting BridgeWorks, you ensure that the partner you choose has the skills and qualifications necessary to help your business succeed.

Top 3 reasons to choose a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner:
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Gold Competency is the highest tier competency level for Microsoft Partners. As part of an exclusive group of the top ~1% of Microsoft Partners, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner such as BridgeWorks has proven competency and specialized skills to deliver the most applicable Microsoft technology solutions.


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Gold Certified Partners stay up to date with the latest Microsoft solutions. The competency requirements to retain Gold status evolve every year, ensuring that Gold Certified Partners are always up to date with proven expertise to leverage the latest Microsoft Technologies to help your business succeed. At BridgeWorks, we support our best-in-class consultants by paying for their certification needs, like learning materials and exams. We also reward our employees through bonuses for achieving these elite certifications.


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Gold Partners are directly connected to advanced support teams within Microsoft. While Gold Partners like BridgeWorks are experts, specialized high-level support from Microsoft Engineers may need to be leveraged to assist in architecting solutions or solving complex issues. Gold Partners have direct access to the Microsoft expertise needed to deliver superior solutions and quickly access top-notch support.

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